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Criminal Defense Attorneys 

Criminal defense attorneys exist because we are a law-abiding country.  In our country, we follow the premise that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Although the constitution doesn’t spell it out explicitly, our law is based on the Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments. Information can be found here.

This concept is important because it keeps people from making frivolous accusations.  In our country and most other countries, the person who makes the accusation is responsible for proving that the other person actually did commit the crime.  This means when someone accuses you, you have the right to a trial where the accuser has to prove you did it. See here for information about Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend People Against Weapons and Firearms Charges.


This idea is so important for law-abiding citizens that even the United Nations has declared this concept a basic human right.  When they issued the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the idea that all people are innocent until proven guilty was spelled out and upheld as a core value of civilized people.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

So when a person has been accused, that person needs someone to defend him against the accusations.  He stands innocent until the prosecutor can prove that he did something wrong.  The criminal defense attorney will protect the rights of the accused person and make sure that the prosecution shows that they have committed a crime.