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Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend People Against Weapons and Firearms Charges

Not everyone who gets arrested for a firearms charge is guilty of a firearms offense.  That’s why we need expert, experienced, criminal defense attorneys, to protect the innocent.  Learn information about Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Open Carry and Concealed Carry

There are currently 20 states that allow people to legally carry guns on the street.  When arguments get hot, someone who is legally carrying a gun might pull it out to threaten someone.  You, as the innocent bystander, can’t imagine letting someone get shot, so you try to disarm the person who has pulled a gun. Discover facts about Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend People Against Probation Violations. This leaves you wide open to a firearms charge.  The police didn’t see what happened and if the gun accidentally goes off while you scuffle with the person who owns the gun, someone might have gotten shot, perhaps seriously.  You will need to find the best criminal defense attorney to make sure that the truth comes out.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys will work tirelessly to try to get your charges reduced or even dropped based on the truth.  One defense an attorney might use is mistaken identity.  Witnesses can make mistakes in the shock of the situation.  Or perhaps police make an illegal seizure of evidence.  Your criminal defense attorney will make sure the truth comes out.