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Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend People Against Probation Violations

When you have been convicted of a crime, sometimes part of your sentence will be probation. Or perhaps probation will need to be served after you finish your prison time. Learn more here.

In the state of Florida, probation is taken very seriously.  If you violate your probation, you will need to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Why?  Because without an expert criminal defense attorney violating your probation might send you to prison.  Or the court may change your original sentence because you did not take probation seriously. Learn more about Criminal Defense Attorneys.

How Does a Person Violate Their Probation?

When you are originally placed on probation, there will be a document that spells out the terms in great detail.  If you don’t do something that is on your probation order, that is a violation.  


You have to intend to violate your probation.  It doesn’t violate your probation if something happened that was outside your control.  For example, if you are assigned to community service and you go to the designated place and the supervisor says there is nothing to do, then you did not violate your probation.

Other examples would be failure to pay your court fines, failing a drug test, or not showing up for a meeting with the probation officer.