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Why I Hate Jail

First off, is not just a catchy logo or website, it is the truth. I really hate the jail. I can honestly say that I have spent over a thousand hours at various jail facilities throughout Florida. I don’t like being there. I don’t like the structures, the cleanliness (or lack thereof) and of course the wait time. But it goes way further than my inconveniences. Most of all, I hate how my clients are treated and the hardships that they suffer. I have talked to hundreds of inmates and the overwhelming consensus is that everyone hates jail. Be it the loss of freedom, the tight living quarters and the open bathrooms, the .5 ply toilet paper, the disgusting tube of industrial grade toothpaste or the shank proof makeshift toothbrushes, the freezing cold air or the smell of ammonia, the jail is a far cry from a 1 star hotel. Let's not mention the endless meals of bologna sandwiches or worse. And, to top it off, there's the occasional deputy reliving their high school glory days bullying the inmates at every turn. The potential for dysfunction in such a place is overwhelming. Jailed or not, people deserved to be treated with a level of respect and too often there is no kindness or humanity to be found in these facilities.

My dislike for the jail is the reason why I fight so hard to get and keep my clients out of jail. A lot of lawyers dismiss the complaints of clients who are locked up. I do not. I sympathize and fight to ensure that my clients are being treated properly. So when I established, it was not just some catchy saying, it was truth. Let me fight for you or your loved ones. .

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