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Hate Jail

Why I Hate Jail

First off, HateJail.com is not just a catchy logo or website, it is the truth. I really hate the jail. I can honestly say that I have spent over a thousand hours at various jail facilities throughout Florida. I don’t like being there. I don’t like the structures, the cleanliness (or lack thereof) and of course the wait time. But it goes way further than my inconveniences. Most of all, I hate how my clients are treated and the hardships that they suffer. I have talked to hundreds of inmates and the overwhelming consensus is that everyone hates jail. Be it the loss of freedom, the tight living quarters and the open bathrooms, the .5 ply toilet paper, the disgusting tube of industrial grade toothpaste or the shank proof makeshift toothbrushes, the freezing cold air or the smell of ammonia, the jail is a far cry from a 1 star hotel. Let’s not mention the endless meals of bologna sandwiches or worse. And, to top it off, there’s the occasional deputy reliving their high school glory days bullying the inmates at every turn. The potential for dysfunction in such a place is overwhelming. Jailed or not, people deserved to be treated with a level of respect and too often there is no kindness or humanity to be found in these facilities.

Free Consultation

The initial meeting between attorney and client should always be without charge. You should be comfortable that I am the attorney for you before we agree to any payment plan. We can talk on the phone or we can meet in person. If you are in custody, I will come and talk to you in the jail and would gladly meet with a family member to talk about the representation.

Flexible Payment Plans

In a perfect world, money should not be the deciding factor when a person’s life or liberty is at stake. With that being said, a criminal charge often carries loss of employment and much hardship for the defendant and the defendant’s family. I fully understand these difficult issues and will work with you to set up a creative, flexible payment plan that will meet your budgetary restrictions.

Client-Focused Criminal Defense

Having over a decade of experience as a criminal defense attorney, I fully understand the importance of a solid attorney-client relationship. I have a dynamic, full-service practice and you will have no issues contacting me to discuss your case, 24/7. I provide all of my clients with my cell phone number and I respond to calls, texts and emails. In addition, I believe in the importance of face-to-face interaction, whether that be in my office, at the courthouse, or the jail. All of your questions will be answered.