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Top Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

There are certain essential questions you need to ask you’re criminal defense attorney before hiring them to handle your case. The truth is you can only get to know more about them and their practice if you ask them these questions. This includes. Learn more here.

“What is your fee and payment plan?”
This is a vital question that you should never forget to ask you’re criminal defense attorney prior to taking your case. A good criminal defense lawyer will explain to you his/her legal fees and the payment plan. This way, you can know whether you can afford his/her legal fees. Additionally, you can avoid being hit by unpleasant bills immediately after your case is resolved. See here for information about The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney.

“Who Will Handle My Case?”
It is important to ask and know who will be handling your case in the law firm before hiring a lawyer. This is because some law firms always delegate client’s cases to young lawyers who are just fresh from school and have no prior professional experience.

“What’s Your Level of Experience?”
Your criminal defense attorney needs to be specific and clear about their legal experience and practice. Additionally, they should also specify whether they’ve handled similar cases like yours or not.