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Marijuana Offenses In Florida

Even though most states have either decriminalized marijuana or are decriminalizing, Florida remains one of the states where it is still a crime to possess even a small amount of marijuana. Learn more here.


If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, you will need to find the best criminal defense lawyer.  Why?  Because being convicted of possession of even a small amount can ruin your life. Learn more about How Exactly Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Help.


If you are convicted of possession of marijuana, the penalties in Florida are serious.  The punishment you receive will depend on the amount of marijuana you possess. If it’s less than 20 grams, the courts call this a first-degree misdemeanor.  First-degree misdemeanors carry a jail term of one year, or probation for one year, and a $1,000 fine. Working with a criminal defense lawyer can help get these punishments reduced or charges dropped.

How Much are 20 Grams?

Keep in mind that a paper clip weighs about a gram.  So put 20 paperclips in your hand, and you can feel how little 20 grams of marijuana is.  You could also have your driver’s license revoked and go in for random drug testing.  Having a marijuana conviction also makes you not eligible for public housing and many kinds of government employment.

Don’t go for a general lawyer; get a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to navigate the legal system.