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Get to Understand the Solid Qualities of Incompetent Criminal Defense Attorneys

In the field of law, just like any other field, there are good attorneys as well as incompetent ones. Incompetency in criminal law is mostly associated with failure to meet the set prerequisites to become a criminal defense attorney. Reputable law firms such as the Office of Matthew Glassman in Fort Lauderdale in Florida indicate that competent attorneys exist. However, incompetent attorneys also exist, and here are their qualities. Discover more about Fort Lauderdale, FL here.

They Have no Formal Education
The four-year law degree equips attorneys with most of the skills needed to handle criminal cases. Failure to have such education amounts to incompetency in criminal law. Discover facts about The Upside of Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Modern Times.

They are Not Licensed
The failure to possess a Law practicing license is the top quality for incompetent criminal defense attorneys. This shows that they did not acquire their education from accredited institutions or have been banned from practicing law in that state.

They Have a Poor Record of Winning Cases
Another determinant of competency is the rate of winning criminal cases. Incompetent criminal defense attorneys have a poor streak when it comes to this. They barely win any cases that they take and often have a poor review from their previous clients.