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Get to Learn about the Types of Criminal Defenses used by Criminal Defense Attorneys

When an individual is accused of a crime, the only sure way to avoid consequences is proving their innocence in a court. The defendant and the criminal defense attorney develop a criminal defense that aims to prevent the guilty verdict. It takes a well-experienced and knowledgeable attorney to win criminal cases. One renowned law firm that has excelled in criminal defense is the Law Office of Matthew Glassman in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Below are some of the defenses used in courts. Information concerning Fort Lauderdale, FL can be discovered here.

Affirmative Criminal Defense
This type of defense often involves the defendant and criminal defense attorney producing sufficient evidence that supports their defense. Information about What you Need to Know About the Secrets of Competent criminal Defense Attorneys can be found here.

The Insanity Defense
This type of defense is used when the defendant committed a crime without knowing it was a crime. This defense is strengthened if the defendant was mentally diseased when committing the crime.

Coercion and Duress
This is a type of affirmative criminal defense whereby a defendant was forced to commit a crime after being threatened by unlawful force.

Abandonment and Withdrawal
This type of defense involves a defendant who was initially going to commit a crime but decided not to engage in it before doing so.

Other defenses include self-defense, consent, intoxication, and statute of limitations.