600 SW 4th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Fort Lauderdale, FL Is Rich in Arts and Culture

Culture and arts are the defining attributes of the history of Fort Lauderdale and its people. With a series of events lined to celebrate and honor the cultural heritage of the city. The city also celebrates the multicultural diversity of its people and the people who visit the city are not left behind. Visit some of the museums within the town and get a chance to learn about the culture and arts of town. Visit this link for more information.

Museum Displays
Fort Lauderdale has an excellent record of museums. These museums display and keep records about the old past life of the people of Fort Lauderdale. NSU Art Museum houses some of the largest collections of paintings and drawings by William Glackens. This museum also houses some world war II artifacts and an auditorium, store, and café. Click here to read about Fort Lauderdale, Is an Excellent Destination for Foodies.

Modern Cultural Practices
There are a series of events taking place in the city to celebrate and remember the standard practices of the town. Being a city along the coast, water activities, sports, and games define some of their cultural traditions. The International Swimming Hall of Fame hosts an annual event to celebrate and take a look at famous swimmers and Olympic Gold medals. People get a chance during this event to swim and compete for fitness and rewards.

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