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What A Criminal Lawyer Can Do

The first time a person is arrested, it comes as a shock no matter why.  But the only thing they seriously have to remember is to call a criminal lawyer immediately. Learn more here.

Your Rights

A criminal lawyer will tell you right away to listen, but don’t talk. Even though the arresting officer recites your Miranda rights when you are arrested, most people are too upset to be listening.  So it is essential to have the cool head of a criminal lawyer to remind you of your rights and remind you not to offer any information that may incriminate you. Learn more about What Kinds of Cases do Criminal Lawyers Handle.

Legal Representation

Another right you have is the right to have your criminal lawyer.  If you don’t have the money to hire your criminal lawyer, the court will give you a lawyer.  It’s a hard fact, but a court-appointed lawyer will have a huge caseload and will not be able to give your case the attention you deserve.

Attention to Your Situation

When you have your criminal lawyer, they can devote all the time necessary to gain a favorable outcome in your case.  They can research the issues and the evidence and make sure the facts are brought to light.