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What Kinds Of Cases Do Criminal Lawyers Handle?

When people think about criminal lawyers, they immediately think about getting a person to defend them when they have been arrested for driving under the influence. But there are many other circumstances and situations where Florida residents would be wise to hire a private criminal lawyer. Information can be found here.

Obstruction of Justice

In Florida, a person can be charged with obstruction of justice for numerous different actions. Therefore, you will need a criminal lawyer to defend yourself to have someone to represent you who understands the law. See here for information about Is This an Arraignment or a Preliminary Hearing.

Police Officers

In Florida, it is an obstruction of justice offense if you publish the name and address of a law enforcement officer.  It’s also obstruction of justice if you interfere with a police dog or police horse. Most people are aware it is obstruction of justice if you resist arrest. It’s also an offense if you are caught with a concealed handcuff key.

Unusual Offenses

You will need a criminal lawyer if you obstruct justice by depriving a crime victim of medical care or if you tamper with an electronic monitoring device.  It’s also an obstruction of justice to resist a timber agent or flash a badge when you are not authorized.  You also cannot hinder a beverage enforcement agent. Seek the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer.