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The Law Office of Matthew Glassman Outlines What Sets His Criminal Defense Practice Apart

The Law Office of Matthew Glassman, P.A. is a leading criminal defense law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In a recent update, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Matthew Glassman outlined what sets his practice apart.

(Fort Lauderdale, FL December 2021) The Law Office of Matthew Glassman, has shared what makes their firm one of the best criminal lawyers available for South Florida residents.

Put your trust in the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale such as The Law Office of Matthew Glassman, P.A.. The law firm offers a free initial consultation with Mr. Glassman where he will be able to help answer any questions or concerns pertaining to your case. The initial meeting between the attorney and client should always be without charge. The client should feel comfortable with Matthew Glassman being on their side. His goal is always to try and achieve the best possible outcome whether that involves a dismissal, a trial, a plea bargain or getting a sentence reduced.

Mr. Glassman provides his clients with his cell phone number and is hands on with every case. He will gladly take the time to meet with the family to talk about the representation if one is in custody.

Attorney Glassman knows first-hand how difficult the arrest process is and how stressful it can be. While the law clearly states that one is innocent until proven guilty it does not always feel like that when one is languishing behind bars. 

In a perfect world, money should not be a deciding factor when a person’s life or liberty is at stake. With that being said, a criminal charge often results in the loss of employment, future employment and much hardship for the defendant and the defendant’s family.  Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Matthew Glassman understands these problematic issues and will work with clients to set up a creative, flexible payment plan to meet their budgetary restrictions.

Having well over a decade of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Matthew Glassman fully understands the importance of a solid attorney-client relationship. He boasts a dynamic, full-service practice, representing clients for domestic violence, DUI charges, drug offenses, weapon charges along with other misdemeanor and felony charges.


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