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Why Fort Lauderdale is the Best City for Lovers of History

Other than the pristine beaches, one of the main attractions in Fort Lauderdale is the historical sites. The museums and other sites distributed in the city bring in history enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Although some of these sites are managed by the government, Private investors have also contributed to the establishment of historical institutions such as museums. Here are some of the popular historical sites that you might visit while in Fort Lauderdale. Click here for facts about Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Religious Institutions
Fort Lauderdale is home to many churches and temples. Most of these places of worship were built many years ago. For instance, the St. Sebastian Catholic Church and the Temple Bat Yam of East Fort Lauderdale have a lot of history about religion and the people of Fort Lauderdale. Also, Fort Lauderdale is home to the First Presbyterian Church. Click here to read about Why Fort Lauderdale is Considered a Heaven for Foodies.

Museums found in Fort Lauderdale carry a variety of historical information. This information ranges from wars to technological evolution as well as the social lives of the people. One of the most common museums you might visit is the Old Dillard Art and Cultural Museum.

Outdoor Murals and Cemeteries
Cemeteries are considered the final resting place of great people in history. Visiting cemeteries allows you to collect relevant information about great people in history. One of the most popular cemeteries in Fort Lauderdale is the Evergreen Cemetery.

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