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Learn About the People and Culture of Fort Lauderdale through Festivals

One of the best ways to learn about the people and culture of a place is through festivals. If you visit Fort Lauderdale, you are likely to attend one of the many festivals in the city throughout the year. These festivals bring together people from different cultural backgrounds in Fort Lauderdale. Attending the festivals allows you to interact with people and learn about their views on life and culture. Here are some of the popular festivals that you might want to attend while in Fort Lauderdale. More can be found here.

Riverwalk Fall Festival
Riverwalk Fall Festival is an annual event held at Esplanade Park along the New River. The festivals involve activities such as train rides, live music, among others. The main purpose of this event is to celebrate the cultural diversity of Fort Lauderdale. Riverwalk Fall Festival is a family-friendly event and leashed pets are allowed. Learn more about Experience the Musical Culture of Fort Lauderdale through Concerts.

Walton Manors Hawaiian Festival
Walton Manors Hawaiian Festival is held annually at the Mickel Park in Wilton Manors. The festival brings together people from all over the city to celebrate the Hawaiian culture. Admission to this daytime festival is free.

Chinese Lantern Festival
The Chinese Lantern Festival is one of the most popular events in Fort Lauderdale. The festival brings together people of Chinese origin as well as admirers. The main purpose of this festival is to celebrate and showcase Chinese culture.

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