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Fort Lauderdale, FL Has Interesting Historical Points

History is one of the fascinating issues that can define a city. Fort Lauderdale has quite a lot of historical points of interest that will excite you to visit for fun or educational purposes. There is a long list of historical spots, centers, and parks that are worth visiting if you land in the city. Further facts about Fort Lauderdale, FL can be found here.

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
Bonnet House Museum makes it to the long list of historical centers in Fort Lauderdale. This museum has nearly everything to define the history and culture of the city, from art, architecture, history, and ecology. Read about Fort Lauderdale, FL Is Rich in Arts and Culture here.

Historic Stranahan House
This house at the harbor is a landmark historical point in Fort Lauderdale. It is the home to pioneers of Fort Lauderdale Frank and Ivy Stranahan. This place served as ferry bay in the past and was also used as a center for community projects and restaurants. There are still old building structures of the house worth taking a look at.

Fort Lauderdale History Center
This center offers museum services for locals and visitors as well. Experience Florida’s story from classical times to modern times, which you possibly missed. From the historical past of the Indians and Spanish inhabitants who first settled in Fort Lauderdale.

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