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Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney

You will need an efficient and professional Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney like the Law Office of Matthew Glassman if you have been charged with driving under the influence in Fort Lauderdale. The law firm understands how serious negative ramifications the offense can have on your life. You can have significant prison or jail time on the line as well as thousands of dollars, whether it is DUI manslaughter, felony repeat offense, or a misdemeanor first offense. You may have to part with thousands of dollars when you consider court costs, fines, fees, and increased insurance premiums plus up to a year of jail time, and DUI offense will still show on a criminal record as a first DUI offense will often register as a misdemeanor in Florida. Visit this link for more information.

What the Best Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Can Do for You
In all of South Florida, Matthew Glassman is one of the best DUI attorneys. If you are arrested for criminal DUI charges in all of South Florida, the Law Office of Matthew Glassman can help you. There are several dynamisms about courts that have to do with judges and prosecutors. You have to hire a DUI attorney like Matthew Glassman that actively practices in all of South Florida, including Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward Counties. Read about Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney here.

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