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Call Now: (954) 908-3399. Mr. Glassman believes that the initial conversation between attorney and client should always be without cost, so that you can get a firm understanding of who Mr. Glassman is before you decide to hire him as your attorney

Flexible Payment Plans

Mr. Glassman understands that hiring an attorney can be a costly endeavor for a defendant and the defendant’s family.  Mr. Glassman regularly drafts payment agreements that fit a client’s budgetary restrictions. 

Client Focus

Mr. Glassman is available by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Mr. Glassman prides himself on client contact and knows a successful defense is dependent upon a strong bond between attorney and client.

Drug Offenses

Mr. Glassman has represented numerous individuals who suffer from the terrible disease of drug addiction.  Mr. Glassman will work tirelessly to ensure that the Court understands that you are more than the charge you are facing, and that, instead of incarceration, all treatment options should be explored and on the table.


A DUI arrest and conviction can have countless consequences on a person’s life – from loss of a driver’s license, to loss of a job, to potential incarceration.  Mr. Glassman is a member of numerous DUI defense organizations and constantly educates himself on the ever-evolving field of DUI defense.

Stand Your Ground

Mr. Glassman has defended several homicides, attempted murders, aggravated batteries, and other crimes of violence. He has carved out a niche in defending those accused of violent charges and teaches a class on the Florida’s unique Stand Your Ground defense at Florida Atlantic University.

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Driving Under the Influence

Drug Offenses

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Stand Your Ground

Violations of Probation

Media Cases

Mr. Glassman is aware of the unique difficulties and challenges that arise when a criminal case attracts media attention.  Mr. Glassman has represented numerous high profile individuals whose cases have been discussed in the following local media outlets:






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